MRI Scanning MachineMRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging also known as MRI is one of the newest and most advanced imaging systems. An MRI allows for examination of soft tissue, nerves, muscles, discs, tendons and ligaments.


Having an ultrasound is one of the safest and painless diagnostic tests that observes and records images of soft tissue within the body.


A computed tomography (CT) scan is a type of diagnostic test that combines X-rays and computer technology to provide views of soft tissue, bones and blood vessels.


DEXA is abbreviated for Bone Density Scanning; this scan provides information on bone mineral status of the spine and other skeletal sites to confirm the loss of bone.


 An X-Ray is probably the most common diagnostic test; the X-Ray machine uses sm
all amounts of radiation that produce images of bones, cartilage, and other body structures.

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